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I wanted the pictures of Maldives to speak for itself…

This is THE destination you pick to splurge on your vacation. This is a place to escape chaos, a place to unwind, a place where you can absorb nature’s beauty. I mean, it is called “paradise”for a reason.

If you haven’t guessed it already, we chose Maldives as our honeymoon destination. For many reasons such as we wanted a destination close to India; a place that is purely relaxation and to experience luxury after the wedding chaos; a place where we can spend more time together instead of running around in crowded touristic places.

Imagine an island where there are no cars or buses or trains. You need to cycle / walk / row a kayak / swim  to get around the island. Imagine a place away from city lights and the only lights are from a full moon or the night sky full of stars. Imagine a place of star gazing while gently rocking on a hammock and sea breeze. Imagine a place where you can have dinner on the beach at sunset with the ocean waves washing over your feet. A place where your backyard is the turquoise lagoon filled with corals and you walk down the stairs to the lagoon. A place to hold hands and walk on white sands with sea waves and warm sun rays along with sea breeze on your face. Yup, Maldives will offer you all of this and much more that dreams are made of.

How do you get to this dream destination ? Maldives has many options to offer and we found the 3 common options are: staying in private islands, adult only islands, or a family resort. The closer you are to Male (capital of Maldives), the cheaper and more crowded it is going to be. The resorts near Male usually have a speedboat that picks you up at the airport. If you are choosing a place, say 100 kms or further from Male airport, you might have to take a sea plane to get there (costs are close to 800$).

With the pristine beauty and ocean in your backyard, Maldives is not a cheap destination. The weather is sunny all year around but the best time to visit Maldives is between November to April. We visited Maldives in January and really wanted to stay in an over water villa and thats what we picked. For one night in the over water villa, you can expect to pay around 400$ minimum and yet, there is no maximum limit for luxury options (just like in life!). I liked how you pay everything upfront to the resort and the costs are very transparent. So you don’t have to worry about tracking about expenses (if you were like me) for food / activities during the entire stay.

You get to choose your meal options: full board (3 meals) or half board (2 meals) a day. We picked half board because we usually play it by the ear and depending on our day plan, this worked out even better because we had more time for fun activities and exploring the islands. The morning breakfast is usually multi-cuisine – Maldivian, Indian, English, lets say unlimited buffet to fill yourself. Then, we would go for the many many activities available around the resort. The timing works perfectly that by the time you refresh it’s already 6 pm and time to head over for an early dinner. We took our time enjoying our meals with fresh seafood, long talks and the silence in between filled by the sound of waves.

Of the many activities mentioned earlier, we had snorkel masks in our room as part of the booking. Remember when I told you, our backyard is the lagoon and we did not have a set time to hang out with the fishes. You can snorkel all day if you wanted too! So during the day we would either go snorkeling in the clear blue lagoons or kayak to nearby islands or just lazing on the deck with a book (what my husband prefers!) It does not matter what you do, there is the blue sky and deep blue sea all around you to just sit and dream anytime. 

We enjoyed every moment of peace in the island and the Maldivian hospitality needs a special note: the resort staff are super friendly, always available with honest tips and nowhere money minded. 

Each resort has some unique features, the more you browse the more you will know about the specialty on offer at each resort. With some research and budget in mind, you should be able to nail your dream vacation resort in the Maldives. Ours had swings/ hammock over the lagoon, which I though was very unique and such a nice place to chill. And ours had three islands connected. So more restaurant options. More pristine beaches. More paradise vibes. More treasure to keepsake!

We will be happy to hear from you after your visit to the paradise in Maldives 

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